Just Ride

Just phone, book, park,
ride, smile!

Easy and flexible horse riding for occasional equestrians.


Cape Winelands Riding offers monthly membership packages, catering to equestrians who wish to avoid the hassle and stress of owning a horse.

JUST RIDE Members have more freedom to ride when they want, with whom they want and can choose their horses.

A great way to enjoy rides through surrounding orchards and vineyards, and experience the thrills of the mountain trails in the area.

We love having authentic experiences and fun! And so do our horses!

Why Just Ride?


If you would like to ride regularly and indulge your passion for horses in a friendly & safe environment with like-minded people, then our JUST RIDE Membership package is perfect for you!

Members can take advantage of a wide range of exclusive benefits both in and out of the saddle. This includes:

  • generous discounts on rides and activities,
  • priority bookings,
  • priority horse choice,
  • regular, guaranteed riding times and
  • full flexibility.

Our members particularly appreciate the level of flexibility that comes with membership status.  Riding hours can be used by the member for him/herself, for shared rides with friends/family or even donated to designated friends if they cannot make up their time.

We will be adding new extras all the time – we love to personalize your riding experience !


No crowds, no hassle: just carefree and safe trail rides for horse and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. We organise our rides and prepare our horses in advance to prevent time-loss and crowding, ensuring maximum enjoyment and the safety of our riders.

No admin: sign up and renewals are quick and easy with only one form to sign! Easy payments too. 

No strings attached: sign up, renew or don’t. Nothing to cancel, it’s automatic.

You’re in charge: our members decide when, with whom and on which horse they wish to ride.

Matching riding skills to horses: members can ride a variety of horses to match their riding experience throughout their membership and will not be restricted to a single horse. We take care in pairing the most suitable horse to the rider’s skill level to ensure a comfortable ride guaranteed to leave you invigorated.

Ages: the minimum age we accept is 3 years.

The Packages

  • Day ride – 1-2 hours
  • Monthly membership – 8 hours / 30 days.
  • Pre-paid membership – 8 hours per month / 3+1 months. (Opt for 3 months and get 4 months.) This option gives you priority bookings and horse choice.
  • Premium pre-paid membership – 8 hours per month / 6+3 months. (Opt for 6 months and get 9 months). This option gives you priority bookings, horse choice and allows you to transfer / rollover unused hours to the next month.

Price: R2050 per month (8 hours of riding). Payment in advance via EFT. Ts and Cs apply.

The 8 hours’ riding that comes with the JUST RIDE membership can be used by the member for him/herself or for shared rides with friends. For example 4 friends for 2 hours or yourself for 4 x 2-hour rides (only Pre-paid Premium members may carry 2 hours over to the following month if weather did not permit riding for a particular month.)

Members may also donate their riding time to designated friends if they cannot make up their time but this has to be arranged by the member.

Just Ride
Just Ride