Centre-based riding holidays

Centre-based riding holidays

The richest equestrian and cultural experience. These centre-based riding holidays are created using our vast knowledge of the area, the best routes for the season and also consider the local hospitality venues that we know visitors to the Cape love.

Over the years we have forged close relationships with nearby wine and fruit estates and secured exclusive rights to ride through their vineyards, along rivers and private lakes too. We also stay current with new restaurants, hotels and lodges in the area. So there is a lot of ‘inside knowledge’ included and well-kept local secrets you won’t find advertised in tourist board flyers!

We are frequently asked what the benefits of our centre-based riding holidays are compared to booking day rides and arranging accommodation independently. It’s simple – they can’t be compared when it comes to value and overall experience.

Our centre-based riding holidays have no fixed dates so you may arrive and depart on any day however we strongly recommend a minimum of five nights for the best experience.

You will have lunch either on your day of arrival or day of departure depending on your arrival and departure times. Flexibility is paramount to client satisfaction so if you would like to extend your first day or last day to a full day this can be done for a nominal fee.



See our Sample Itinerary page and get a feel for the different rides on offer and local attractions near Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. These are strictly sample itineraries. Excursions are subject to seasonal changes and are always weather dependent. Our riding programs are determined by the date of arrival and length of stay.


Riding information

  • We accept groups of up to eight people. Smaller groups allow us to maintain the high quality and personalised experience that Cape Winelands Riding is renowned for.
  • We do accommodate beginners but riders of similar experience are generally grouped together. We will also accept single riders.
  • The pace of all our rides is determined by the weakest rider in the group.  If you are an experienced rider please tell us when booking to ensure you have the best possible experience. It is important for your own safety and others in the group not to overstate your abilities.  You can use the following as a guideline to classify yourself by:
    • Beginner: never been on a horse before
    • Novice: been on a horse before but never had horse riding lessons and only rides occasionally on holidays
    • Intermediate: have had lessons and can manage a trot and a short controlled canter. Know how to rise at the trot.  If you are a rustic experienced rider you can also classify yourself as intermediate.
    • Experienced: have had professional lessons and actively riding for the past 5-10 years.  Comfortable at all paces over all types of terrain and know how to canter in light seat.  Can manage a fast gallop.
  • In order to comply with the terms and conditions of your personal travel insurance and similar policies, the wearing of riding hats is expected. On some rides hard hats are compulsory. We do provide riding hats but we recommend riders bring their own.
  • We mostly use trail saddles on our long rides but also have English style General Purpose saddles for those who feel more comfortable with classical tack.
  • Our weight limit is 90kg although we can accommodate heavier riders on special request.
Centre-based riding holidays Cape Winelands Riding
Centre-based riding holidays
Centre-based riding holidays
Centre-based riding holidays

Why choose a Cape Winelands Riding centre-based riding holiday?

  • Avoid the hassle and expense of car hire and use our transfer service. And there is no need for designated drivers. Everyone can enjoy as much wine as they want with our door to door drop-offs in the evenings all included.
  • Our owner and management personally do all the hosting for that exclusive, personal touch. Enjoy the same guide for all rides and hosting in the evenings and off days.
  • A variety of different routes every day. Many of the routes are exclusive to our riding holiday guests.
  • Our guides’ vast local knowledge and stories bring even more colour and depth to the experience.
  • First pick of the horses.
  • Ride with people who have similar riding skills as yours.  If you are an experienced rider wanting a faster ride you won’t be held back by novice riders in the group. Novice and intermediate riders will not be over-horsed.
  • Open menus at restaurants, subject to availability. Avoid the stress of having to choose from dozens of restaurants in one area and rely on our local knowledge of what’s best for your personal tastes and dietary requirements.

Looking for an exclusive riding holiday?

The Cape Gourmet Wine Trail takes riding holidays to the next level with diverse trails, different accommodation each night and an emphasis on local gourmet food and wines – a memorable holiday for intermediate and experienced riders.
Already booked your accommodation elsewhere? 


No problem! If you are looking for a few day rides to round off your holiday booked independently of Cape Winelands Riding, you may still contact us. We will do our best to tailor-make a few rides and local excursions for you.